Monday, February 23, 2009

i learned,,,
*moments like this cost nothing but are worth so much.
*my friends are so much *radder* than your friend.
reason one. reason two. reason three. *scrapping at starbucks is wicked fun.
*slumber parties still rock!!! {love you}

i saw,,,
*a man get hit by a car,,, stand there for a brief moment,, dust himself off and hobble away {true story}.
*some rad friends of mine that i missed like crazy :-D
i bought,,,
*new clothes for vegas {next weekend}!!!!!
*a painting {errrr,,, maybe three of them},,,,
*these onsies for some friends of ours that are expecting. from here.
*a ton of black tea lemonades {my new starbucks drink of choice by a mile}

i scrapped,,,
with her. photo shoot by carrie too!!!
*four dr seuss layouts for my
youer than you collection
*another effer dares layout
*other goodies that i cant think of right now,,,,

this feels good,,,,,



A Sweet Escape said...

I didn't know you can scrap at starbucks!! That's awesome!! Vegas sounds like a FUN time!!

euphoria said...

Geez- I'm totally jealous of your weekend!!

Scrapping at Starbucks!?!? I must try this (not alone of course)

Love that circus apron!!!

Have a BLAST in Vegas... FUN FUN FUN!!

Mom said...

Hi Ally--I saw your blog this morning and seriously had happy tears as I saw Alona, Erica and Kristen, I have great memories of them growing up. It's so nice for all of you to go back and have a girly over-nighter, lucky you, lucky them. Ahhh, those were the good old happy days.
Love, Mom

Carrie said...

This is the sweet life! I remember giggeling a lot on Friday...can't wait till next time! See ya!

P.S. Oh, and thanks for the visuals...totally inspiring :)

Anonymous said...

You are just too cute! It looks like your slumber party was a lot of fun!

<3 B

P.S. I want to scrapbook at starbucks! hahahahaha!

ally serrato said...

scrapping at starbucks was soooo rad!!!! im all in!!!! thanks for the blog love ~ makes me so happy :-D

Punk Rock Scrappers said...

wow, I'd love to scrap at starbucks! I think people would look at me like I'm insane though. not that they dont already LOL

Erica said...

wow!...I made the blog!! that top picture is sick! ya!

Lauren Hampton said...

It's funny because I thought that when we plopped our happy selves down at SBUX that people might think we were strange. Either way, my scrapping AND non-scrapping friends have all thought this was a great idea. Can't wait until next time chick! How about Wed??? To Euphoria...I was there for a while before Ally arrived and it was actually pretty cool just being there with my stuff. I didn't feel alone at all because I had all of my supplies with me. I even had my own Cricut station all set up. It was great!

Lauren Hampton said...
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