Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i love scrapmojo. i went through some of their older challenges to see is anything struck my fancy. just for fun!! there was a ton of fun challenges that inspired me and made me happy. i know i cant enter it, but i thought that challenge number 21 sounded perfect. i have always thought the whole *my child*,, blah, blah, blah bumper sticker was, well, interesting. just not my thing. anyway, when the whole *my child beat up your honor student* come along {as a bumper sticker}, i remember the first one {it was on a red ford ranger when i was driving in temec}. i died. too, too funny!!! anyway, like i said, i know i cant submit it, but no the less, i wanted to play along. this, is what i came up with and i love it!!! scrapmojo does something to my creative mind and i love it!!!
dude, daniel is so rad!!! i love this picture ~ taken like a few days ago,,,


A Sweet Escape said...

Haha!! this is super awesome!!! Your little boy is so cute with his mask!!

euphoria said...

SOOOOO rad- he is so cute all dressed up like that!

Love the LO

The England Family said...

Oh my gosh, I love this rad!

Punk Rock Scrappers said...

Awesome! Who doesn't love a mask and cape? Too bad that's not considered appropriate office attire. Just know though, that underneath my corporate toolness, I am SO that kid!


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