Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i went ahead gave my little shoppie shop a refill. only with scrapbook paper kits. no layouts. i am a tad under the weather {tad!?!? did i say *tad*, this is the worst ive felt in a very,very, very long time,,,} and decided to save the pre made layouts for another time. as far as the *youer than you* album kit slash cover page?? well, it sold before i was able to list it {thanks girly}. if you were interested in the album, which is super awesome by the way,,, email me and i can make another order and get things rolling for you. no worries. xoxoallyserrato@aol.com {ohhh,, ive always wanted to make a post on my blog about this},,, if you ever email me, i always, always email back. promise. if you email me and dont see a response, check your spam. it will be there if its not in your regular email box. not sure why that works that way, but whatever. now you know. :-D how am i supposed to get better with two wild children running around like crazy peps?!?!? help!!!

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A Sweet Escape said...

Oh Ally, i'm sorry you are sick! I think it hit everyone cause i am miserable myself! Hope you feel better..it's no fun being sick!!


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