Monday, February 9, 2009

look,,, i made a little gadget to keep you all updated on my progress!! there is one at the bottom of the page {above my music box}, but its kinda hard to see,,, anyway, moving right along,,,, :-D



Denise & Griff said...

Ally, Great class yesterday. Hope you're feeling better.

Here's how to link a picture to a website address: Go to:
click on layout
click on add gadget
click on picture

At this point you choose the picture you want to upload and before you exit away from that window go to the third line from the top (under title and caption) and enter the website address.

You exit out of that window as you normally do when you upload a picture and you're done!!

Have fun!


Punk Rock Scrappers said...

You're insane! I can't believe you've created that many layouts already!


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