Friday, February 13, 2009

so were you one of the lucky chicks to get a spot at tonights *i have a crush on pink*'s crop?? you know, the one hosted by me and missy krystie?? well, {so excited} its totally sold out, totally and last i heard {a few days ago} there was a waiting list of at least five!!! ohhhh dang!!! so excited. well, for those of you whom i will be spending the evening with tonight, its on like donkey kong!!! we have amazing give aways and rad, rad, rad, goodie bags that somebody we all know {and love,, ahem, ahem,,,,} painted on!!!! heeee,,,, bring you junk food appetite because there will be goodies a plenty. cant wait!!!! wanna a little sneaky sneak???,,,i smell cupcakes,,,, see ya tonight!!!!

1 comment:

euphoria said...

I am So PUMPED for tonight!! WOO HOO!!!


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