Wednesday, March 11, 2009

its been a while since i have taken pictures from a class of mine. i missed it,,,, and to be completely honest, i was planning on doing it this past sunday when i taught at pink pineapple,, but wendy beat me to the punch. she busted our her camera and i am so the *hey take one with my camera too* chick. *sorry*. anyway, here is wendy and i {she takes all my card classes ~ and i sooooo appreciate her for that} *thanks wendy*. below, nely and i, but we have all seen her all over my blog!!! shes the cutest!!! *we missed you denise and chelsea*!!!! :-D
check out the hottie that works at pink pineapple!!!
both rockin the boots ~ had to take a picture!!!


A Sweet Escape said...

ooh!! I fell in love with the boots!! i am on the hunt for some of my own!! did you make it to the slumber crop??

euphoria said...

killer boots man!

shaina said...

your store looks like sooo much fun! i miss working at scrapbook stores. i think i miss the smell of opening a brand new paper pack the most. :)

your outfit is so cute and i love those boots!!

Mallory Phillipy said...

that ribbon wall looks super yummy.
love that dress :]


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