Monday, March 30, 2009

tuesday ~ medevil times wednesday ~ disneyland
thursday ~ tattoooooooo,,,,,, :-D
friday ~ girly girls at the pink
saturday ~ hung with the fam,,, hey dont judge ~ demi moore smoke cigars toooooo!! :-D
sunday ~ :-(
keep my baby brother in your prayers,,, he is off to korea,,,,
our time flew by,,,,, so hopefully this next year will as well and i can hang with him again,,,,,


Emily said...

Looks like you all had a blast!

Your tattoo artist is pretty hot!

Your baby bro is in my prayers hon!

A Sweet Escape said... so sad to see them go!!! you were one busy the brown!!

euphoria said...

Damn- like the greatest week ever!


Brown Bag Girl #3


Toni said...

I love Medieval Times ,, such a cool thing to go to! You had an awesome week!!!!

ally serrato said...

emily ~ i did ~ totally had fun!!! still trying to recover!!! :-D he actually was kinda hot huh?? i hadnt seen him for about five years and he chopped all his hair off and it looks great!!! all clean and sexy!!! and thank you for keeping him in your paryers!!
nely ~ totally,,, i sure was,, glad friday still worked out though!! good times!! brown baggie 4-eva!!!
heeyyyyy brown baggie number 3!!! LOL ~ OMG ~ ROFL ~ all that stuff!!!
toni ~ yes ~ soooo fun!!!

Jennifer Priest said...

Will keep the brother in our prayers.

I am totally laughing at your Friday pic--THAT explains why you kept going outside. Crazy girls!

Cierra Buchwald said...

Ally you can totally rock a cigar!! praying for your baby bro!


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