Wednesday, April 1, 2009

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!!! dont let anybody play tricks on you,,,, :-D
a few pieces of my *youer than you* collection that i love!! i still create for this on a *mostly* regular basis,,, it was hard for a minute not having my laptop/printer available for me,,, but now we are back in business baby!!! i am still offering these kits but on a more *exclusive* personal level. they wont be in my etsy shop any longer, {actually for the time being, im slowly gonna let that take a break. :-D } but if youd like to join in the group that has been rolling with me on the *youer than you* journey, email me and we can set you up as well. its a ton of fun, but i no longer wanna create items that dont already have a home. you know kinda like ~ is it ~ rubios ~ "we dont make it till you order it"!!! :-D so anyway, here are a few peaks,,,
email me if you wanna join in,,,
oh ~ and im pregnant,,,, APRIL FOOLS!!! :-D


Beth Perry said...

Awesome layouts! And I LOVE THE NEW SASS PAPERS!! LOL

ally serrato said...

DANG - totally called me out!!! Ha!! I have sooooooo much of these papers,,, you're gonna be seeing more and more of it!!! :-D

euphoria said...

cute LOs- as usual!

Mallory Phillipy said...

super cute layouts, i love all the colors! thanks for your sweet words the other day, they made me smile :]

A Sweet Escape said...

LOL!! i almost believed the pregnant bit!!

ally serrato said...

thanks jess ~
mallory ~ i love that i could have helped if only for a second :-D "i love smiling, smilings my favorite"!!!
thanks nely!!!!


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