Thursday, April 30, 2009

thank you for the inspiration nely ~ im always in for these kind of games,,,
alright ~ so here are ten honest things about meeeeee,,,

*im additcted my my iphone ~ no like really, really additcted to it. i have to charge it twice daily because i drain the battery like crazy,, more than likely if ive ever emailed you ~ it was probably from my iphone. go get one ~ you wont be sorry,,,, :-D
*my best friend is a boy
*everything that is a *hobby* in my life comes and goes in spurts. as of late ~ im back into sudoku. facebook,,, eghhh,, myspace,, eghhhh,,, blogs {yes even blogs} eggghh,, but that only this week, next week ill be back into something else,, i honestly havent been scrapping too much lately either,,, hmmm,, *funk*
*since 1987 ~ i knew that vans shoes were gonna rock my world for the rest of my life. i love ~ love vans and so do my little monkeys,,,
*i pray like crazy,,, like ~ i pray about everything,,, and i believe whole heartly in praying. praying is totally rad,,,,
*i really am i ninja. promise & proof,,,,
*i just got this painting from you know who,,,,*i wear my heart on my sleeve
*honestly, i need a massage,,, like big time!!!!
*this is still one of my all time favorite pictures, like ever,,,*i have little ~ or better yet ~ NO ~ self control when it comes to vans, victorias secret, true religion jeans and pink pineapple
*this is my kids world ~ *we* just live in it. at least thats what they believe,,, ;-D
*i will totally kick your royal butt in tetris ~ promise,,,,
*oh, and angels do exist,,,,



Toni said...

Great list girlfriend!!!!

Emily said...

I'm with you on so many of these Ally.... and yes, you ARE a ninja!

A Sweet Escape said...

Vans are my shoes for life too!!! Even when they werent that hip in high school and I would get teased I would still wear them...take that high they all wear them!!..and you are a ninja...a super rad one!!!...and don't worry the funk will go away!!...your elsie painting..totally it!!!

Cierra Buchwald said...

that's so funny that you have to charge your phone twice a day! you crack me up! i can't live with out mine either! great list!

Euphoria said...

how cool... I like those random bits of Miss Ally!! Hope you get outta your funk soon... and I call a battle to tetris... I am the champion!

Mallory Phillipy said...

that new painting from elsie is sooo cute! you're a lucky lady :]


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