Monday, May 18, 2009

dont mind me if i keep using this polariod shot ~ i love it!!! anyway,,, here is a little peak of my layout class ill be teaching at pink pineapple sunday the 28th of june @ 3:30 ~ call ~ 760*598*2222 ~ get er done!!!! ;-) here is *dreaming my dreams*,,,,,and a very special thank you to missy nely ~ for being such an amazing friend to chat with, hang with, and mostly laugh with. *linner* {lunch/dinner ~ whatever it was ;-) } yesterday was very therapeutic to me and much needed. thank you for always supporting me, my classes and my ideas,,, you totally rock chica!!!! love youuuuuuuuu!!!!


A Sweet Escape said...

awww..seriously you are the sweetest ever!!! like cupcakes!! and anytime..i always have a blast hangin out!! and thanks for hearing me out too!!!

Euphoria said...

ohhhh... I love that paper!!

I see you've got your mojo back?

Danielle said...

had a wonderful day making my trip down to the *Pink* from Murrieta and loved your layout!!!!!

sarah said...

i love the paper choices on this one!!! beautiful!


ally serrato said...

nely ~ you totally rock :-D
jess ~ its, coming, its coming,,, i can feel it trying to find its way back home ;-D
danielle ~ THANK YOU!!!! youre so sweet ~ and thanks for the blog love too :-D
sarah ~ thank you {toooooo} :-D


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