Thursday, June 11, 2009

alright ~ so i gotta know ~ who got this painting?? i wanted it sooooo badly, but couldnt break down and pay the bill,,, if you got it ~ then im sooo jealous!!!! this one is crazy cute too,,, i love this new series,,,,
and i still totally want these little monkey dudes ~ they have a piece of my heart :-D



Euphoria said...

I am LOVEIN' the new series!! I think this is the best ever!! I love how they are comicbookish... SO CUTE! Sorry you didn't get the one you wanted!

Mom said...

Ally--I definitely think you need those boy and girl monkey dudes, I'll buy them for you.
Love, Mom

Maggi said...

That is a great series! And your mom is super sweet! :)

Cierra Buchwald said...

i totally heart the monkies!!!!!

sarah said...


love it all.

i can't wait to show you my layout. ;)


ally serrato said...

hey ladies ~ thanks for the comments!!! :-D love youuuuuuuu!!! jess ~ cant wait for the photo shoot!!!


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