Tuesday, June 9, 2009

alright ~ so since i got a question about the flair i use on my layouts ~ i thought we were about due for an etsy love post. for starters ~ my flair collection,,, that is slowly dwindling down because i love to rock flair in my layouts,,, when i went to this etsy shop for linkage purposes, i found two flair sets that i had to have {yes, i said i had to have} so here it it ~ my flair etsy shop of choice
ive had this mixed media painting as a favorite for a while now,,, cant believe nobody has picked it up ~ here is the shop link
a new apron from my favorite apron etsy shop boojboo ~ cute ~ right??
i think this necklace is soooo sweet from the librarian
i looooove this necklace {dont judge} from opulent oddities ~ an amazing treasure of an etsy shop this little monkey dude is the only terrarium left in this shop ~ gnome homes ~ gosh i want him so bad ~ my best friend would loooove this guy. like, a lot.
since i have been searching aceo cards like everyday, i come across a few here and there that strike my fancy ~ {yeah i really just said strike my fancy ~ and yeah ~ i know i could back space if i wanted, but sometimes its funny to throw yourself under the bus} ~ i came across this shop and added it as a fav ~ here is one of her
rad little pieces and here is her shop :-Dthis was on the home page of etsy yesterday ~ amazing,,, i love it!!!
and sometimes i feel like
her,,, not necessarily the black tears {or mascara} ~ but what her shirt says,,, {dont judge} and yes ~ im doing fine ~ thank you!!! but the black apple always has rad and random art work,,,,
and those are my favs for the day!!! have a good one.


Maggi said...

Those are some great picks! You find the best Etsy stuff!

A Sweet Escape said...

I agree!! you always find the raddest etsy stuff...i never find jack!!

Emily said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing those! I've got some shopping to do!!

Aphra said...

just so you know....you CRACK me up with your blog posts....i pop in often for a smile....thanks

ally serrato said...

gld you girlys likey,,,
aphra ~ thank you soooo much!!! thats so rad to hear :-D mama likey :-D


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