Monday, June 29, 2009

i made it,,, this past week/weekend has been wicked crazy for me,,, my hubbys family reunion was saturday so we had house guests staying with us and family event after family event,,, although i did sneak away for a bit yesterday to teach my classes,,, they just left and lemme tell you, it was so sweet to have a house full of amazing people that were a pleasure to be around and laugh with,,, and although i havent gotten much sleep as of late, im sure ill be playing catch up with many *things* in my life right now,,,
plans ~
*dr seuss ideas {no, i havent forgotten}
*new ideas for get er done,,,
*still cant get over this,,,
*work on atc swap
*send out email for atc swap
*continue to work on pink ninja update this wednesday,,,
*day dream,,,,,
i love you,,,
love, me


Carrie said...

Hi Ally! Great photo & great plans! Get some sleep girlie! :)

Maggi said...

That's a fun "to do" list (except for the "clean" part, lol)!

Emily said...

Get some rest Ally! Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your husbands family... that's great! Now, take some time for YOU!!

Sweet Escape said...

aren't you glad its over!! yesterday was fun..can't wait for wednesday!!! I found my pic! it's gonna be fun!!

twistedsoda said...

Did I hear atc swap? Me likey. Where can I put my name in? Xoxo


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