Friday, June 26, 2009

one of our latest design team projects for the pink pineapple was to create a bird house that fits out stilo,,, i gotta admit, a much harder project than i expected,,, here are a few from the store and then mine,,, :-D

seriously, pink is the cutest store in the world!!! i love it!!!


Emily said...

These are all so sweet!! Your's is awesome Ally!! I love the feathers!

Toni said...

I saw the other birdhouses at the store and they are so stinking cute!! Can't wait to see your cute little birdhouse in person!! So cute with the flowers and glitterness!!!! xoxo

Sweet Escape said...

how awesome!! i was wondering where yours was!!! i love it!! super rad!!

Anonymous said...

I loved the whole post! :) everything so cute..


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