Wednesday, June 24, 2009

prompt number four is up over at the pink ninjas,,, we wanna see your jacked faces,,, i {personally} didnt have any pictures with me making a jacked face, so i thought id use this one,,, again, i know its not a jacked face, but itll due,,, here is my take one the challenge *class ~ class ~ class*,,,
have fun!!!!


Emily said...

I LOVE your layout! That face is priceless! Too funny!

Toni said...

Oh ,, A-Dawg ,, that is a jacked face ,, LOL!!!! Cute page!!

lizzie said...

of course you can! *blush* thank you so much lol
i love your stuff so much... be admiring you for a w hile now... wow that sounds uber cheesey hahahaa

Euphoria said...

SO hilarious!! The crown on your head just kills me! It's funny every time I look at it!!!

You're such a nut!! LOL

Emily said...

Yeah Miss Ally, you win... your face is DEFINITELY worse than mine! But it sooooo makes me laugh!

ally serrato said...

emily ~ lizzie ~ toni ~ jessica ~ thank youuuuuuu!!

Anonymous said...

if i can get this done in time i will. i have few good ones from this weekend. sis 2009 in TN has been super fun!!



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