Saturday, June 13, 2009

reason nine million, seven hundred sixty one thousand, eight hundred fifty four why pink pineapple is the only store me and my girls will ever hang out at,,,,,
dude ~ because ninjas hang out there,,,, that why {duh} ;-D
you say i take this pink ninja thing too far?? you say i need to kick back?? nahhh,,, youre crazy!!
{i sooo need a carrie shot ~ damn camera wasnt working},,,,
oh ~ p.s. atc swap information,,, going out today {promise}. pink ninja design team ~ announcement tomorrow {promise}


Maggi said...

lol Those pics are awesome!

Sarah said...

Your blog is so much fun and colour! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for sharing!

Emily said...

Totally diggin' the pink ninja gear!

Aphra said...

Hi..lar..i..ous! I come here for a good dose of fun I tell ya! But the best part is how you can still throw your leg up like that and hold go girl! Please tell me you're going to scrap these photos. Can't wait.

Euphoria said...

freakin' rad!!! Love it SO much!!

Sweet Escape said...

Dude-seriously Pink Pineapple is the raddest store for letting us be Ninjas!!! That was so much fun...i totally loved branch ninja!!!


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