Sunday, June 21, 2009

today is fathers day and i wanted to share with you all my amazing rock star of a dad. he is so sweet and open minded and never passes judgement on anybody. he is every last piece of what each person in the world needs to be to makes this world a better one. i love you dad.
and a shout out to my baby daddy {aka my hubby} who is the apple of my kids eye,,,, {they call him *da-ya* its soooo cute},,,, love you babe,,,
HAPPY FATHERS DAY boys!!! i love you!!!
{side note} just in case youre keeping tabs ~ my mom doesnt like pictures and doesnt like to be in the spot light ~ and she reads my blog ~ so for mothers day i couldnt put her front and center because shed see it and ask me {kindly} to take he picture down ~ just do you know im not playing favorites,,,, :-D


Mom said...

Ally--You're so right about your Dad, he's such a special person, and you're also right about wishing we had more people like him in this world. Cute about your Mother's Day comment (I didn't even think about it), but I do like to stay out of the spotlight, so thank you. Happy Father's Day to Ricardo, what a lucky man he is to have Daniel and Sofia (they too are perfection), and Daniel and Sofia are lucky to have him.
Love, Mom

Emily said...

Very sweet Ally! Happy Fathers Day to your father and your husband. They both are very lucky men to have you in their lives!

photoscrapper said...

I wanted to say Hi. I read your blog everyday and have met you once at The Pink. Yesterday I saw a girl wearing a T-shirt that made me think of you "Girls made better Ninjas" in pink of course. Then when my son and I left this store I see someone that looked just like you walking with a little boy and girl. Then we are driving down the road and I see in the back bottom left corner of the car window two Elsie decals boy and girl underware. I thinking if it wasnt you... then you have a double in town... Your energy in your blog is very inspiring and I really enjoy reading it. I hope you have a good day with your family. Crystal


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