Thursday, July 23, 2009

the newest challenge over at dream girls is sooo sweet,,, {like awwww sweet ~ not to be confused with bad ass sweet} ~ i have been searching around through the dream girls flickr group and i keep coming across more and more beautiful titles for this challenge,,, i keep saying over and over,, love the title, love the title, very sweet :-D. the challenge is this,,,
Prompt: Use the word Measure on your layout
Technique: {Distressing}Sanding, inking
Product: Measuring tape
here is my take,,, *measure lifes lessons* ~ i hope you arent sick of this picture of me yet,,, because im not!!!
love you, love ally


Sweet Escape said...

im in love with this layout!!'s pretty sweet!! sick ass sweet!!!! and i'm laughing because I always thought that was a pic of Daniel!!..i never knew it was you!!!..I love it!!!

Maggi said...

That is beautiful Ally! I love the little crochet flower and buttons!

Toni said...

Sorry ,, but that picture is just so adorable!!!! I say ,,, use it many times over!!!!

Christina said...

i love reusing a picture a bunch of times. it's always sweet(like bad ass sweet) to see the different ways to rock it !

Becky said...

I actually had pictures printed the other day because you and Euphoria inspired me to MAYBE lol do a scrapbook! I only say maybe because now I'll want to go out and buy all the stuff, and not finish more projects I've already started ;)

Euphoria said...

I really Like this LO- gave ya some love on flickr when I saw it... totally "awww sweet" LOL!

sarah said...

LOVE this, ally! if i find the time, i want to play along! the measuring tape sounds like a great idea! :)


twistedsoda said...

That lo is so you. I love the tape and the retro feel. I'm on this challenge, I will combine it with the last one.

Heidi said...

I really love this layout! All the elements are great and I love how they all reinforce the theme.

Emily said...

Very beautiful Ally ! Love it!


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