Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ode to american crafts,,, as most of you know american crafts is one of my favs when it comes to over all scrapping, i use only their albums, mostly only their thickers and adore each and every one of their paper lines,,, recently they put out a design team call that i have been pondering over,,, i still havent decided if i wanna go for it {of course for fear of rejection},,, but non the less i thought i would share my top american crafts projects i have played with,,, and then think if i wanna try out or not,,, {im shy},,,
this mini was a class i taught last year. it was a fun project to put together and a great way to document a normal day in the life of my monkeys. i took pictures of everything we did that day, wrote down the times with the events and put it all together in a mini album. *document today*,,, i used the everyday line from american crafts,,,
i just taught a card class at my fav store in the whole, whole wide world and here are my two favorite cards from the class. i used the new american crafts teen linehere are a couple of fun layouts i used american crafts paper lines in. they were mostly for various challenges,,,
and then finally, these last two are pretty simple, mainly because i have an on-going project for my baby brother. i wanted to keep it fairly simple because he doesnt know any better {sorry, but its true},,, and because i have one million pictures of him so in order to keep things a rollin, i had to go kinda, sorta simple,,, so here is the first page,,, and another page from the album,,,
so there it is,,, whatcha think?? should i try,,, or not,,, should i try,,, or not,,, should i try,,,


Maggi said...

You should most definitely try out for the DT call! Look at it this way, you're definitely not going to make the team if you don't try out! lol

Go for it!

Toni said...

Ummm ,,, what the heck are you thinking chick ,,, effing go for it!!!!!! The worst they can say is no ,, but the best is YES!!!! You won't find anything out if you don't go for it!!!! Get on the ball girlie and get that stuff turned in!!!! And even if they do say no (which they would be VERY STUPID to do) ,,, everybody else thinks your schtuff rocks!! So there!!!!

Sweet Escape said...

OMG!!!ummm yeah!!! DO IT!! How awesome!!

twistedsoda said...

oh you better try or else...hahaha. You rock the AC line and since it is your fav line, hell...I'd be all over it, if I did what you do to their line! do it do it do it!!!

Gloria said...

.....Ally if you dont try you wil never know what could have been...Its always better to go for it and maybe fail than to not....dude than you can tell your kiddos how mommy tried and if for some stupid reason you dont make it you tell them youl try again....Dude your a Pink Ninja ..You have ninja you G

Dawn said...

Hey girl... GO FOR IT!!! the worst that could happen is that they say no, right... so what... you rock!!!

ally serrato said...

holy smokes ~ i have the nicest friends in the whole wide world!! thank you ladies :-D im shy,,,,

Euphoria said...

Dude, TOTALLY DO IT!!! Go Go GO!!!
You are mega talented and have a lot to offer... show 'em your stugg girl!!!


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