Sunday, August 2, 2009

ah ha!!! almost miss a day,,, almost. my life has been consumed by complete chaos these days all the while i try to maintain my poker face. quick updates ~ and a post with no pictures,,, my internet is down {yes again},,,
*still waiting on four transparency atc cards before i can send those swapped babies out,,, or post pictures for that matter,,,
*ive gotten two of the vintage atc cards and they so totally rock ~ maggi, ill be emailing you soon to tell you how much i likey!!! stephanie ~ i already emailed you :-)
*i love dunnys
*i had such a wicked time at the no doubt concert with nely. im still trying to recover,,, ZZZZzzzzz,,, she put up some rad pictures from the concert up. ill put different pictures up sooooon,,,, ohhh which reminds me,,, i can steal this picture from her,,, shell never know!!!! ;-) this is how i rock out at concerts,,, {true story}*i get to take my kids to pink tomorrow for another mommy & me scrapbook class. we love doing these every other monday this summer. love.
*i plan on creating a lot, a lot this week. i cant wait!!!
*my little dude is starting soccer and today we got him brand spanking new cleats, shin guards, soccer socks, size 3 soccer ball and a pink and white baseball 3/4 sleeve tee shirt for mama. i love baseballs tees, so cute to me!!!
alright, johnny drama, e, vince, turtle and arie are waiting for me and my hubbs on our dvr,,, gotta go see what to boys of entourage are up too,,,, night
love you, love ally

1 comment:

Sweet Escape said...

dude! i didn't even see this post!!..i think this is my fav post of you!!..this was such a fun night!!! excited that Daniel is a soccer dude!!~and you a soccer mom~~hehehe~~ will be fun!!


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