Thursday, August 6, 2009

alright, so tell me youve been to the pink ninjas already,,, so you already know this weeks challenge?? right?? cant wait to see what everybody comes up with!!! this is mine,,, although my little dude is standing in front of a star trek poster, hes totally wearing a star wars t shirt,,, in the beginning, it was my attempt to keep the peace, be as you can tell, as i began to create, i realized that im more of a star wars kind of girl,,, whod thought?? love ~ love ~ love the pink ninjas,,, dont you??? heres the prompt,,, and my take,,, ended up with *star wars*,,, :-)
love that little dude too!!! alright, so let us see whatcha got,,,
love you, love, ally


Toni said...

Girl ,, you just ooze with talent and creativity!!!!

Anonymous said...

Too cute!! I should do one on Hon Solo, I LOVED him, like Fatal Attraction loved, swoon!!!
This is fab! Especially the pin buttons.

PaperCameraScissor said...

This Star Wars lo is fab!!! I am so doing this challenge.

Heidi said...

I love this layout! That pic is so great! It's almost "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"-y.

OK, gotta often have the most delish buttons on your layouts. Where do you get them?? (Or do you make them?) I remember when plastering yourself with buttons was "in" and every week I'd run to the "cool" store to drool over all the raddest ones. I wish I still had some of them. I had a ton of Adam Ant. (OK, I just REALLY dated myself there, eh?)


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