Saturday, August 15, 2009

this was from soooo long ago,,, found it in my drafts in blogger,,,, but i updated it,,, just for fun.
8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
1}tomorrow. its my birthday :-)

2}the shooting range tomorrow {dont judge} :-)
3}dinner with friends
4}soccer practice tuesday and thursday ~ i like being a soccer mom way more than i thought i would {and i really, really, really thought id lke it} :-)
5}swapping out these atcs ive been holding onto,,, gonna send em out as they are for now, minus a few of those that are missing,,,
6}mommy & me class at pink this monday ~ love doing this with my monkeys
7}disneyland this friday for my girl babys third birthday!!! and buying a few of these behind ricardos back,,, shhhhhh,,,,,
8}creating more & more & more,,,
8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1}slept innnnnnnn,,,

2}had lunch with a rad chicky
3}scrapped with some cool chicks at pink pineapple
4}got something really, really, really cool in the mail,,, shhh,,,
5}had an iced coffee from starbucks
6}bought a new hat, you know because im a soccer mom and all
7}text messages one million times
8}day dreamt,,,,,
8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1}get more tattoos

2}have lots & lots of money ~ just for fun and sharing
3}have more hours in a day
4}be more organized and focused
5}buy these ~ i just saw them and i cant believe how rad they are!!!!
6}be scrapping right now, well i guess i could be, but im updating my blog, soooo,,,, ;-)
7}go to seattle ~ just because
8}nap on the beach
8 TV Shows I Watch:

2}american idol
3}yo gabba gabba
4}dancing with the stars
5}golf channel {only in passing by my hubby on the couch},,,
6}golf channel {only in passing by my hubby on the couch},,,
7}golf channel {only in passing by my hubby on the couch},,,
8}golf channel {only in passing by my hubby on the couch},,, ;-)
8 People I tagged:
if you play along i wanna seeeeeeeeeee!!!
love you, love ally


LynneForsythe said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLY!!!! Have a fantabulous day!!! My dd's b-day is tomorrow!!! August is a great month!!!

Gloria said...

Happy Birthday Miss Ally, I hope its just the perfect day and you get lots of yummi gifts...Happy happy Day to a very special rafty chick....LOL Gloria

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Allyson Joy!
Love, Mom


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