Thursday, August 20, 2009

wednesdays are now pretty darn close to my favorite day of the week. i love the pink ninja weekly challenges and i love, love this weeks!!! *old skool* baby. rad. here is mine, its of my cute momma {who has a birthday coming up} back in the day,,, so i cleverly titled it *1954*, go ahead, ask me why,,,, ;-) i hate to admit it,,, but i gotta,,,, i looooooooove this layout. another recent fav. i am allowed to say that, right?? or no,,,, tell me, tell me,,,
i cant wait to see what you create. :-)
love, ally


Anonymous said...

Cute Mamma pic! I love how your title and the Bingo card match! Great challenge!

Maggi said...

Love it love it love it!

Toni said...

Me likey!!! Totally rad and I love it!!

Mom said...

Allyson--Oh my gosh, I love this with the Scottish plaid and the picture of me. I was two years old when this picture was taken and I seriously remember that day. My Grandmother (that's what I called her) told me to go into the big chest drawer in her dining room because she had a present for me, she knew I loved getting new frocks (that's what I called a dress), I opened the drawer and there it was, a brand new frock, I put it on and my Grandmother posed me just right and snapped the picture with her old-time camera, ahhh, sweet memories, thanks Allyson, this was fun.
Love, Mom

PaperCameraScissor said...

I really love all the different pp going on here. Love the big bad flower too!! How cool is that vintage bingo card? so cool!! cute little mommy pic.
I can't wait to get started on this challenge.

Sweet Momiji said...

This is awesome!! I love the flowers and how you used all those patterns and they still work... you guys amaze me. ;)

In answer to your question, YES! I would be thrilled to let you share my LO with others! Thank you so much for asking!

Now I must go and search through my pics for something 'old school' LOL


Carrie said...

Amazing, Ally! I love All the layers, and that plaid paper is the cutest!

ally serrato said...

awwwww,,, thank you all soooo much!!! your comments mean more to me than you know. thanks :-)

Sweet Momiji said...

Hey! Anytime you want to use a page I do for one of your prompts, go right ahead! Thanks so much!


Pearl said...

this is sooo adorable! love the pic ! & your layout design !


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