Saturday, September 12, 2009

have you ever heard of a friendship quilt?? i hadnt until my friend told me about it. now, im a part of this group. fun. and i need friends to pass it on to. here is how it goes,,,
actually looking at the letter i got in the mail, i guess its a quilt tree,,, anyway,,,
*this is a quilt tree,,, no money involved,,, just fun!!!
color must be purple
send two 6" squares to the first person on the list below.
remove the name of the person you sent the fabric to and add your name to the bottom of the list.
make 4 copies of this letter and send it to 4 quilting friends along with two 6" squares of fabric.
altogether you should receive 72 squares of purple fabric in return. this will be enough to make a small quilt. it will be fun to see what all the fabrics look like together!!
if you cannot do this, please return the squares so that it doesnt spoil the fun,,,
and there are three addys,,,,,*
so yeah, these quilts {below} are kinda ho~hummm,,, i googled friendship quilt, and this is the best i could come up with. theyre beautiful, just not my colors,,, anyway, i have one chicky already, email if you really, really wanna do this
xoxoallyserrato {at} aol {dot} com
cant believe i actually have to do that with my email, but i didnt a few times and now, im totally regretting it,,, getting emails from tim~buck~tooo telling me that my money is sitting is some random checking account,,, yeah, right, hey pal, if i had ten ga~gillion dollars sitting in a off shore bank account, id know. trust me. in fact, id be there at that bank making a withdrawal as we speak bucko,,, sorry,,, didnt mean to vent, i just hate how lame things are getting,,, so, wanna be a part of my quilt tree?? now that i just vented, i have no more negative energy,,,, :-) its all fun and games from here on out,,, :-)))))

love you, love, ally


PaperCameraScissor said...

Ally--I totally agree those quilts are beautiful but not my taste.

I get those emails too about money or a family member over seas that was killed and had lots of money to and I was next to kin. right sure.
good luck with the quilt.

Sweet Escape said...

holy bejesus!!!..these are gonna be some rad quilts!!..can't wait!!!..and i'm with you on the quilts,,totally not my colors either!!!..but very pretty!!

Anonymous said...

Purple?? Hmmm. So who is going to sew all the squares together??

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

dang ally...when u get into something you go all the way! you go girl!


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