Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the dreams girls latest challenge went up on the fifteenth,,, list it,,, my list is of the reasons why being a mama is soooooo rad, and the fun things we do together!!! and for my clear scrap embellishment ~ i went with the clear dymo tape,,, alright, here is my list,,,
*"youre my favorite mama in the whole wide world"
*wild animal park
*eating lunch together
*soccer mama

*taking pictures
*horse back riding lessons
*dancer mama
*room mom
*spontaneous trips to sea world

love, ally


Maggi said...

How fun, love the Barbie button!

Carrie said...

cool, you!!!

Emily said...

Fabulous layout... I love your reasons. You rock!

Sweet Escape said...

awww...such a rad layout!!!..your such a cute mama!!


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