Monday, November 9, 2009

have you checked out the newest prompt over at the pink ninjas?? whats my age again,,, this picture is from when we were shopping at the nordstrom rack and i was looking for sweatshirts for my little man and decided that i needed this one from the little boys section ~ dude ~ its so rad ~ the hoodie zipped all the way up creating this awesome mask ~ i tell you volcom makes some of the raddest clothing,,, daniels wanted to try one on too, but the smaller little boys sweatshirts didnt have the rocking hoodie ~ bummer dude,,, anyway, here is another layout that i hate,,, ;-) {true story},,,, totally inspired by blink 182s song,,, *whats my age again*,,,

love, ally


Maggi said...

lol That is awesome. I love the word bubbles!

Christina said...

whhhaaa?? you are funny, how can you hate your stuff?!
this is fun!!

Pearl said...

oh my ! yeah ! that is one awesome hoodie ! love the handwriting style in your speech bubbles here!
& very sorry to hear too that you dont *heart* this layout !

I know ! that happens ! ;)

Heidi said...

this rocks! one of my fave songs.


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