Thursday, December 24, 2009

alright ~ i give up,,,, ive been trying for the last who knows how long,,, trying & trying to get my girlfriends christmas song she recorded with her hubby on my blog,,, and i give up. thats it. i wanted to make it easy for you to enjoy,,, but no dice. besides,,, im still learning my macbook action,,, so, i dont have a picture of her beautiful face, and i dont have easy access to her music,,, all i have is links,,,,
her amazing christmas song that {seriously} you gotta download
miss carrie, im more & more honored to call you my friend, youre talent runs river deep,,, like secret hidden valleys and stuff like that ;-) seriously, how could you bust out a sing like this and i was clueless to the voice you had,,, all this time,,,, love you miss carrie ~ so excited for you and this time in your life,,, love you!!!
merry christmas everybody,,, please enjoy this rocking song,,,,, and tell her how much you likey,,, right here,,,,
love, ally

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