Monday, January 4, 2010

soooooo,,,, im hoping youve checked out the newest project weve got going one,,, maybe this last post was in the way,,, but nely and i have been working ~ working ~ working like crazy ladies to put together a kit company like no other out there,,, im gonna make this super simple for you,,,, im gonna break it down,,, read all about the new blog here ~ how it works, shows you around the blog,,, everything.
our first ninja in the spotlight was no other than my friend, and idol, elsie. you can check out her post on her blog right here ~ or you can check out our post on our pink ninja addicts blog right here ~ either is good for me. :-)
elsie played with the *three little birds* kit,,, here are all the details on the kit and here is where you can purchase it,,,, and here is a few shots of what she created with it,,,,
and a shot of the kit,,,,, *three little birds*
cute. then, because we are so excited and stoked and happy,,,, we created a second kit just for introductions,,, here is our wicked little kit we like to call *dont get it twisted*,,,, again, here you can find all the details,,, and here you can purchase it. :-)
loves. and then, last, but not by any means least,,, we have an amazing, i repeat, amazing design team over at the pink ninjas,,,, amazing. rocking. wicked. i love each and every one of these girls for their talent ~ ideas ~ photos {you gotta check em out ~ here} ~ their loyalty,,, such a perfect group of ladies. we really happy. :-) go say hi over at the pink ninjas and hi to the rest of the design team,,, love ~ love ~ love!!! yeah ~ and the new look,,, amazing,,, you gotta go to D if you ever need a blog makeover,,, stand in line though because this puppy need a makes over too,,,, im ready :-)

man ~ i just made you life easy,,, all you had to do was play along and follow all my links. perfect. have a great day!!! oh ~ two more links,,, the pink ninjas etsy shop ~ and add us to your very most loved etsy shops,,,
love you, love, ally*son


PaperCameraScissor said...

Ally--Congrats on the new PN creation. I plan on buying a kit or two when things turn around here. My dh is still laid off--:(

I love what Elsie did with the kit--but I love everything she does!

Anonymous said...

Woo-hooo! Congrats on the kits, so cool! I love that kit, gonna have to check it out!!

Glenda T. said...

Those kits look super cool! Happy New Years Ally!!

Beth said...

Love the kits! love the guest!
you rock, sweetie!


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