Thursday, March 11, 2010

awwww,,, my michelle gave me a blog award,,,, thanks love!!!! today is a perfect day to blog this,,, im soooo stinkin sick!!! yuck!!! i had a taste of it last week then late tuesday ~ bam ~ blindsided,,,, been sick in bed for two days,,, and trust me, this is not normal,,, i can usually roll, but this guy has kicked my but,,, the last few hours ive felt a tad bit better,,, so i hoped online and though id stare at this pretty flower that michelly gave me, and day dream about my most creative friends that i adore,,, thanks michelle. youre the best!! id like to give it back to you again, but i dont think thats in the rules,,, ;-)
well for starters, my favorite girls,,, they gotta have it,,,
1}starting with my ninja master, partner in crime, friend, bestie, cutie pie girl ninja nely. who i never fail to have an amazing time with, no matter what we are doing,,, its always, always the time of my life,,, being lame. i love being lame, and put nely and i together, were sooooo good at it!!! i love that.
2}then there is ninja star carrie with blow you away talent that never fails to make my jaw drop,,, and i love gloria, she always watches me watch carrie and just say, "yeah, i know". because she does, she gets it.
3}and of course there is gloria ~ with the spirit and energy that makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. with the heart that cares more about you, then herself and wants you to feel nothing but worthy. loved. adored.
i hate the very best of friends,,,,,
4}and i adore deb. our paths crossed just as of late, and im wondering where shes been all my life. talented. rad. sweet. perfect.
5}ninja em. ninja em, you know i adore you. you are the sweetest and most supportive chick ive ever come across in this crazy blog land we all thrive for and live in. you and i have been lucky enough to have been friends for quite some time, and im grateful for you. i adore you sweetie. thanks for being you.
moving right along,,,, i have to go with more pink ninjas,,, theyre my girls, i love em,,,
6}ninja heidi, who is gonna move to cali so we can hang out together and go the the next cha together!!! heidi, i adore your spirit, and your cute face. i love your layouts and i love your blog. you are a rock star missy.
7}nay and gilly,,, dude. talent. talent. talent. these two blow me away prompt after prompt!! so glad these girlys came up from down unda to join our team,,, thanks ladies!!!
8}ninja christina ~ been with us for day one,,, and i adore getting to know you more & more with each passing prompt, post or email. such a sweetie and the wifey of a sailor. which always makes me think of my baby brother,,, loves.
you all know these are not in any sort of particular order,,, right?? theyre not,,, okay.
9}ninja jess ~ cool whip,,, thats all i keep thinking of,,, i love that video you posted lady,,, and jess has talent that goes beyond scrapbooking,,,, have you seen anything this girl and whipped {cool whipped} out, with a needle and thread?? amazing girl,,, you blow me away,,,
10}ninja mo ~ dude ~ her header says it all,,, shes hot,, shes bad ass,,, and shes cute as hell!!! another rad chicky that im so thankful to know,,, and have on the team, love your creations mo!!!
11}ninja tania ~ such a doll, super sweet and cute & quiet,,, but talented like crazy,,, love everything she makes,,, {true story}
and there you have it,,, all my ninja and deb {who is kinda sorta like a ninja sista},,, i think i was only suppose to pick like seven or eight, but ehh,, i wanted more,,, can you tell, i get super emotional when i sick?? i totally do. its so lame. alright chicks, much love for you all,, now, im off to leave comments on all these blogs,,,,
love, sick in bed, ally,,, :-(
{altough i have to admit, the whole laptop in bed thing is sorta rad,,, i should take a photobooth picture so you can all see me in all my glory of sickness,,, nahhh,,, thats not happening},,,, ;-)


Mo said...

ally- totally topped off a great day for me! i'm sniffling because i feel that hug right through the internet (you hugged me, right?)! and thankfully with virtual hugs, i cannot get sick! i soooo hope you start feeling better soon and thank you so much for the award! i seriously have asked hubby if we could move to cali because i SWEAR i'm a california girl at heart...even though i've never lived there...i feel so at home when i visit! but alas, he is sooooo not convinced by my pleading..oh well, i'll keep on trying! but that just means i get to take girl trips to cali on my own!!!!

cyber kisses,

Emily said...

Wow.... thank you so much Miss A for the award... and such a wonderful group of ladies to be amongst.... I adore them all. I have very few people in my life from the online world who I call my friends, but you and all of the other ladies in this list, I consider my friends. Thanks again, and Love to you. Feel better soon sweetie!


ChiLLi said...

Thankyou so much for the award! .. I feel real honoured to be part of such a list!

Hope you feel better soon! .. nothing worse than being sick!

Sweet Escape said...

Awww...miss ally...i feel so special!!!...i love being lame together!!...It's sooo much fun!!..we always have the bestest of times!!!

i'm so sorry you are sick..but i'm glad to hear you are posting from bed!!..all nice and cozy!!! You'll be back in no style!!!

love ya!!!..ill text you in like two seconds ;-)

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

oh my goodness- you have me among these cute ninja girls here and you just made my day! I'll just consider myself an 'honorary ninja,' how's that! lol
I'm so glad our paths crossed too, better late than never right! You are the best- feel better soon okay! xOxO sending love ur way!

Heidi said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! thank you so much!!!! you totally made my day, week, century! i'm still in awe that anyone really likes me, my blog, my stuff. i'm still pretty sure people are mostly just being nice. lol.

i dream of moving to cali so i can hang with all you cali girlies. there must be something awesome in that water around there. i want some!!!

i so hope you feel better ASAP!!! this has been a baaaaad year for everyone getting sick over and over. i know what you mean...i can usually roll, too, (we have to, huh, we're mommies!) but i just got over one that kicked my butt for 2 weeks. so lethargic.

you are the sweetest, wicked talented, and just overall awesome and i'm so lucky to count you as one of my friends!!!!!!

Nay and Gilly said...

HI Ally, Thanks so much for the award, you know we LOVE being part of the Pink Ninjas, and look forward to each challenge, Gilly and Renee oxo

euphoria said...

I made the list!?!? SO SUPER SWEET of you!!! Like really sweet!
Thanks for thinking of me! Hoping you feel better soon!

allyson joy said...

seriously ladies ~ awwww,,, youre all so amazing. see, i made a great choice for my perfect friends and their blog awards. much love to you all :-) talk about making days, these comments made MY day!!!


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