Saturday, April 24, 2010

if you could live in a world and only shop one place ~ where would you choose?? me?? etsy. no furthers questions,,,, i wanted to share with you some treasures. my very, very favorite shop on etsy is this one,,, by like, a lot,,, but of course it is,,, ;-) and to be completely honest, if you have ever dreamt of picking up this kit,,
the one elsie, first designed with,,, honestly, we only have two left. honest. and i think after i make this post, im thinking they might move, so if you wanted it, come and get it,,,
moving right along,,,,
i want everything from etsy,,, but these are my current favs,,, and some, i might have shared before,, but, like forever ago,,, so i can share again, yes?? okay, cool,,, here i go,,,
i want this. its perfection with a capital *P*,,, no?? *siighhhhhhh*,,,
i love this little shop,,, and i think this wallet is so rad,,, great prices too,,,
im sure sharing skunkboy creatures with you is no *hey, look at this new shop i found* action,, but none the less, i love monty. my bestie is lucky enough to have three skunkboy creatures!! three!!! man,,, lucky, lucky lady,,,
love these pouches. love mushrooms. love all of em,,, i have a thing for pouches,,
there is nothing more to say about this little train case other than, i want, and i think i need,,,
love alice in wonderland. this is awesome, smart, easy and cheap enough to purchase,,,
these guys make me so happy. really, really happy. i love them, they look so sweet and innocent,,, like theyre just waiting to do their job,,, waiting for the pirate to weigh anchor,,, or is it lay anchor?? dunno,,, cute. right??
i think ive shared these before,, but totally worth sharing again,,, loves.
i think if i wore this the dude would think im the coolest mama in the entire world. might be worth it to throw it in my etsy shopping cart,,, huh?? what mama doesnt wanna be to coolest in the eyes of her main man??
and there you go,,, happy shopping,,,
love, ally

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