Tuesday, April 13, 2010

my adorable armenian princess friend ~ deb ~ aka sparkling scrapbooks, aka design team head honcho for the paris hilton creativity collection ask me to join her on the design team. yeah. im sooooo honored, stoked, thrilled,,, amazed to be a part of this. for starters, have you seen her work?? shes wicked talented,,, thank you miss deb.
and second, uh, paris rocks a pink bently,, dude, anybody that rolls in a pink ride is perfect if you ask me,,, ;-)
alright, seriously, i love the fact that this line is geared towards teens. i am always open to express the fact that im sad that i didnt start scrapping at a younger age,,, for several reasons,,, {ear muffs mom} ~ it woulda been a lot less troublesome that what i was doing,,, ;-) and think of all the memories i would had by now,,, ive always been a camera heavy chick,,, love taking pictures, playing around, whatever,,, so scrapbooking would have been perfect!! and considering the same,,, teens these days scare me {totally, totally generally speaking, of course}, but also considering i have a sweet, precious little chicky of my own that im trying to create and mold into what i would want, a *good person*, i think something like this would be awesome for her, in her teen years,,, i think the message is positive and perfect. and i wanna help. oh ~ yeah, and hello ~ bling,,, loves!!!!
so, im so stoked, and i cant wait to get started and posting and sharing with you my creation, after creation, after creation,,, please joins us on the adventure,, itll be a fun ride {it a pink bently, if you will} ;-),,,
we have a brand new gallery, so join us there,,,, scrapbooks.com
and then, the facebook fan page,,, join us there too {please} ;-) and of course, check out the official site,,, right here,,,,
awesome,,, eh?? thanks so much for reading about this,,, im really honored,,, :-)
love, allyson joy


Kat said...

congrats!! that's so awesome...i cant wait to see what fun things you create :)

Carrie said...

ally, this is so great! you are going to made the most beautiful pink creations!!! and i love all the amazing layouts you've been sharing...you ROCK!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Um, I think we all need those pink bentlys to drive around in to inspire us! Maybe Paris will buy us some! :)
I am so honored you are joining me in this venture! I'm very excited to see the direction You, Pinky & I can take this line!
love uuuuuuu! xoxoxo

icandy... said...

congrats, ally!!!!
i can't wait to see all of your creativity and how you rock this line. what a team you all will make!!!!
i know how excited deb must be to have you!! :)

jillofallcrafttrades said...

oh how so exciting!congrats gurl!

Ashley said...

How awesome! Can't wait to see your work with the products. Congrats!

Mo said...

oh, yes...saw this on Deb's blog and it's soooo cooooool! Congrats! Can't wait to see the cool things you talented ladies do!

LynneForsythe said...

Ally...how amazing...what an honor and i know you will soooo rock this line!!! what a great team!!!

Amy said...

That is awesome! I remember when her crappy denim collection debuted and everyone was like WTF?? Let's hope she takes the scrappers input seriously and puts out some rad products!


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