Monday, April 19, 2010

one night we, the pink ninja addicts got together at mi casa and scrapped,, {well, we were missing one, so it wasnt a complete team,, but you know what i mean},,, we were working on the *carousel* kit,,, and carrie created this beauty,,, i tried and i tried to not think of how amazing that layout was when i continued to play with my own kit, and finally gave up on trying to push this amazing layout outta my head,,, i didnt wanna copy cat,,, even though carrie is rad, understands that inspiration comes from here and there and i know she would never accuse me of snaking idea or so, but still,,, im a big fan of giving credit where credit is due,,, and not to proud to do so either,,, ;-) so carrie, again, thank you for always inspiring me like crazy,,, i love everything you do, it all turns into magic,, so thank you,,, and with that, i guess the only part i copied was the darker page in the back ground and the same plaid paper,,, but again, giving credit where its due,,, its all her,,,
here is *love her*,,, my sweeet ballerina on her first day of dance, staring at the studio,,, taking it all in,,,
in other news,,, i jumped on the spring board bang wagon,,, love it,,, there is also a quickie link in the left side of my blog,,, and because ive been sorta good about updating my twitter,,, i thought i deserved another silly fun site that i get to answers questions and have fun,,, i am the girl, after all, that does those fun emails *what color shoes were you wearing three nights ago*,,, i like answering questions,,, so,, give it to me,,,
love, ally


Sweet Escape said...

dude!!..this layout turned out rad!!!..and i must have been drunk because i don't remember this!!!..and carrie is freaking rad and magical!! she's so rad about sharing her ideas!! that!!..this layout is perfect!! you!!!..see you tommorow!!! :-))

Carrie said...

you girls are too awesome!...i am right with you Nely, I totally can't remember Ally making this layout...or maybe she hadn't added the bow yet....anyways, it's totally perfect!!! love it SO much! and love you girlies too!!!

Jocelyn said...

Ohhhhh this one is awesome...I adore that bow and the pic....way toooo cute!!!

Wishing you a super day!!!

Mom said...

This one takes the pink cake, it's so darn cute! I need this picture for my wall in my shoppe, please and thank you.

allyson joy said...

Thanks friends :-)
Carrie & Nely I didn't make it that night,,, I made it over this past weekend,,, what I was saying is how I couldn't get Carries layout she created that night outtay head :-)))

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

This is precious Ally! very cute! xoxo I'm gonna ask "that box" a question now, lol!

Maggi said...

This layout is darling! Love love love it!

icandy... said...

this is too cute, ally!
*** that ballerina ***!

Emily said...

Lovin it as always!!! Your daughter is soooo beautiful... just like her momma!!


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