Monday, May 24, 2010

happy pink ninja monday!!! instead of sharing a project i wanted to share some photos of this past friday when ninja nely and i headed out to la to shop for you addicts,,, by the way, have you noticed that all that addicts, {ninja stars and ninja masters} post every monday,, we call it pink ninja monday,,, notice a pattern?? ;-) we have the best day each and every time we head out there for our treasures and trinkets,,, i even got a ton of ideas and inspiration for my personal etsy shop,,, so far i have ten goodies to add to the shop, but i wont open that vault back up till i have a few more,, but im really excited to share my creations with you as well,,, back to the day, pink ninja monday,,, here are some fun pictures of us in la,,, alright, yeah, three look pretty much the same, but hey, whatevs,,,,
i finally got the shirt ive been dying for,,,,, i neeeeeeeed a *soccer mom* shirt. so right there, i had this nice lady whip it up for me. easy peasy. i cant wait for soccer season even more now!! yip-peeeeeee!!! i also go a fuchsia shirt with big wings on the back, you know, because im an angel {duh} ;-)
here is us, our roof top parking,,, obvious nothing fancy, but we loves!!!
speaking of fancy, check out our personal elevator,, fancy, schmancy,,,
what im trying to make very clear, is that we put our lives on the line for you addicts!!!! ;-)
check out all that lace,,, you honestly wouldnt even believe how many trims this new treasure had for us, waiting for us,,, it was dreamy,,, like dreamy cotton candy.
and thats pretty much it,,, our previous la trip was better recorded,,, but i never shared those pictures,,, i should. i hope your week is perfect!!!
love, ally


Jocelyn said...

Love these two are such cuties and that soccer Mom shirt rocks....I have to get one for my daughter!!!

Oh those trims and lace...I want them all!!

Have a great one sweet friend!!!

PaperCameraScissor said...

you guys are so cute!! Love how you take pics every where.
I bought a t with wings on it last year at the Easy Rider show. I love it!!
I can't wait to see what you guys bought for the up coming kits.

Anonymous said...

that's so awesome! looks like you guys had fun fun FUN! i'm jealous :)

can't wait to see what your shopping adventures bring to our doors soon!


Christina said...

when i go to LA i want to know the name of that shop you guys go to for the trim!! i'll have to stop there

danielle said...

fun!! So miss days like that...I´m coming to your neck of the woods end of June...

Maggi said...

How cool! Can't wait to see what you've been working on for your shop!


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