Monday, May 3, 2010

happy monday!!! pink ninja monday, that is,,, over the weekend, we released another rocking kit,,, and played with it as well,,, here is *thrift shop junkie* and *stay beautiful*
i love these babies,,, and for today, the addicts will be out and about,,, ill be in encinitas setting up a cute little booth selling our kits along with other cute vendors. selling cute candles, denim {true religions}, and other goodeis,,, if youre in the area and want to come by, comment here, email me, text me, whatevs,,, i can give you more information. ill be there from 2:00-9:00,,,
love, ally


Jocelyn said...

What great them both!!! Have a great day selling the kits and enjoying the day!!!

Carrie said...

always fun hanging out with you beautiful.....i really think you are doing a great job promoting your dream.....your kits are amazing.....truly :)

danielle said...

that is one stinkin' cute kit! Wow-love it!

Emily said...

I'm lovin my kit and have been having a blast working with it!! Can't wait to show ya!! Love ya!!!!!


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