Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i had a fun little interview with miss vicki yesterday on her blog, check it out,,, and i love her little badge, so now i get to rock it on my blog!!! ;-)
speaking of cute badges, i love, love, love when i come across a blog that rocking my cute cassette tape grab button,,, makes my heart feel super happy!!! thank you!!! and then i get to add your blog to my friends of ally list,,, which sadly, now that i think of it,, isnt that long,,, if you are rocking my badge and i havent linked you up,, please lemme know,,, and if youre not rocking my cassette tape ~ why not?? teasing,,, ;-)
im also having a great time as of late updating my mother of the year blog. its been a lot of fun bragging and sharing fun photos and stories of my kids.
i have a ton of fun projects to work on and layouts to create. im going to be updating my personal etsy shop here in the next century,,, which, there is nothing listed right now, but feel free to add it to your heart selection,,, itll be updated,,, soon. i cant wait. im excited to start working on more projects and sharing them all with you,,, right now, i feel like typing,,, im waiting for an etsy shop update,, ive got my heart etsy on a few new goodies that i want,,, {refresh, refresh, refresh},,,
have a great day!!!!!
love, ally


Leah the Orange said...

i am proudly rocking your cute cassette tape, my dear! just so's ya know. ;)

Mo said...

yay i faved your etsy and will be anxiously awaiting store opening...he he!

Carrie said...

love you ally dear...your interview is super cool...and i had no idea that you have never visited oregon and that you dream about is so beautiful need to go!!!

Emily said...

Loved the interview. Awesome to learn more about you!!!


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