Saturday, May 8, 2010

over at nvs, i swear, the headmistress is amazing,,, how she comes up with these collages that are rad, yet different, cool, but pretty,,, i dont get it,,, but i guess i dont have to,,, as long as she keeps em a coming,, im all in,,, love this challenge blog, love being on the design team,,, here is the may collage,,,
and then my take on the collage,,,
bright ~ check
music inspiration ~ check
owls ~ check, check, check,,,
little circle dot cluster thingie,,, ~ check!!!
here is *lady gaga*,,,
love, ally


sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

this is awesome girl- you rock! Just love this! oxxo

Anonymous said...

Oh how awesome! I love the crown on the owl! I moved to San Marcos and need to know a good place to crop since Pink is no more :( Any referrals??

Scrapamum said...

That is FABULOUS!!!! Seriously WOW!!!

Carrie said...

this rocks! love all the bright colors!!!

Jocelyn said...

Love this are tooooo cute!!! what great colors and the owls are perfect!!!

Sweet Escape said...

woa lady!!!..this turned out awesome!!!..this was such a cute pic of you!!!..really, really love he circle cluster action thingy..thats rad!!!

Leah the Orange said...

1) isn't she JUST? i heart Lynnette!
2) INDEED! loving the collage-y goodness, and maybe we can, between us, convince her to toss in a bonus round once in a while! one month in between is just too long! :)
3) your page is frackin' FABOO. what a saucy pic!

Emily said...

Super fabulous as always.... I think this is my favorite picture of you ever!! You are such a sexy hot momma!!! Go girl!!!


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