Thursday, June 17, 2010

life. isnt it bizarre?? even more then that, its crazy that although you and i may not have met in really life, i miss you. i appreciate you and i think of you. honest. i miss my blog too, and well, to be completely honest, at this moment, im drowning in life. i cant seem to catch my breath and the surface seems so far away. im not sad, im just behind. on life. and i cant catch up. i hate this feeling. for example, this blog make over i was finally able to apply to my blog, ive been holding on to it for almost two months now. i was so stoked and excited to share my new grab button and my new spring and summer re-vamp,,, i just havent had time. i havent scrapped but one layout in over a month. i want to, i just.dont.have.time. i hate this feeling. to top it all off,,, my darling girl baby thought itd be cool to mis-place my adapter thing-a-ma-jig to upload photos to my mac, so, until i find that,,, *sigh*,,, so this is whats new with me. its kinda fun to share, because i dont get too personal here. so here we go,,,
*i love my bestie more then ever. we.are.perfect.together.
*i got a new bike,,, so stoked and i cant wait to break her in and get her a woven basket, streamers and a bell. cant wait.
*i cant believe it. i havent introduced you to my new man. hes perfect and adorable,,, his name is logan and im in love.
{my mom was lucky enough to puppy-sit a few weekends back and, well, they had a great time. i think my mom wants them back} :-)
*school is out for summer. t-ball is over, and so is dance. {thank God}. im D.O.N.E.
*my girlfriends and i from my little mans school put together a competition for *the biggest loser* i won. :-) i was, $120. richer,, but its all gone now,,, {it went quick} i love 28 pounds in two months.
*im leaving for hawaii in less then a week, {which is why i took the biggest loser so seriously} ;-)
*we got two new kitties, and one is perfect. the other, not so much, but theyre both cute. one is sitting right next to me right now,,, {dont tell my hubby, he doesnt want them in the house}, but he is so sweet and purrrrrrsssss & puurrrrrrrsssss,,, i love him. i just caught the kids putting him in a plastic toys r us shopping bag. they said they were pretending they were going to take him home. needless to say, they got a major talking to, sent to their room and im guarding this baby with my life now. they are young and dont understand the seriousness of plastic bags yet,,, well, they should now, after today. please no mean comments,,, i think i made my point clear. i did my mom duty. poor baby kitty, but hes fine. like i said, hes a rad kitty.
*the beautiful miss lynnette named a kit after me. im so honored. and the best part?? well, its rad. totally perfect. its fun being a lollipop shop girl.
today is the first day of summer break. i helped out in my sons classroom all three days this week. when i was in school, the last few days were my favorite, so i couldnt resist. i figured today would be a perfect day to share my blog make over. even though i have so many goodies that i have put together for my personal etsy shop, {as well as an adorable make over for that baby}, well, i just cant get em both done right now. and of course, my make over was done, once again, by the ever so talented and patient D. i adore her and her work. shes awesome.
thanks for reading my blog. lemme know what you think of the make over. and have a magical day,,, love you.


That's Who I Am said...

Love your makeover! It's perfect for summer! I can't imagine being in school as late as your kids were. That's a long school year:( Logan is precious. Look at those paws! He's gonna be a big boy isn't he? Hope you all get to rest and enjoy the summer a bit!

Krystie said...

New blog is RAD.....sooo you!! I LOVE that you got personal. Made me feel so much better about being behind, lost, catching my breath....ahhh....feels good to have a soul sister.
Miss you...xoxo

Emily said...

I'm in LOVE with the new blog makeover babe!! So much has been going on with you!! I'm glad things are going so well! Congrats on the biggest loser contest!! I bet you feel better too! How did you do it, if you don't mind me asking? Any tips?? Hawaii?? I'm super jealous... but know you will take tons of pics!!

you and Nely are like peas in a pod to me... I wouldn't imagine it any other way!

I'm with you about the whole summer thing, and being happy how some of the sports and dance are over. I needed a break too! LOL

Lots of love from Missouri!!


danielle said...

love your little gnome guy!
Have fun in Hawaii-awesome!

Carrie said...

Hi Ally!!! Miss you! The blog makeover is super cool, and it's nice to hear your thoughts since I haven't seen in like forever. Call me ;)

Love, Carrie

MY Creative Brightside said...

i love the new style ally totally fits you you rock so excited for the blog hop hope i get a goody hey i loveeee the lolipop girl kit it totally rocks and fits you!!


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