Friday, June 25, 2010

the pink ninjas newest prompt went up wednesday,,, *roots* what cha got?? what kind of roots are you rocking?? this picture of the five of us from my family was taken summer of 2008, right before my baby brother took off for the navy. crazy that its been two years already. and today, is his birthday. happy birthday to mitter man!!!! here are my direct roots, my immediate family. *these are my roots*


Christina said...

I LOVE how you layered the flower on this one Ms. Ally!
Happy bday to your brother!! hopefully you can talk to him =)

Jocelyn said...

Love what you did with this one sweet friend!!!! The colors are Fabby and I too adore the layered flower!!!

Have a great one!!! Enjoy the weekend!!!!

Mama Monster said...

loooove this layout!!!!! amazing as always!!!!

hey i hear you know my friend latisha from your old nordstrom days. she saw my pink ninja addict logo on my page and told me that she worked with you years ago. i grew up with her.

Mama Monster


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