Tuesday, July 6, 2010

im back from hawaii. i totally miss you. and i totally missed my blog. i brought my laptop, but didnt have internet in the room, i had to go to the *wifi hot spot*,, too much work, im sure you understand. :-) so many fun announcements going on,,, so after i share my fun family photos from maui, please read on, ive got important goodies to share with you.
*first up, because im feeling emotional and a tad bit selfish,,, {it comes when im stressed},,, my birthday is coming up,,, the 16th of august i will oficially no longer be in my *ahem* late twenties, but full fledged into my thirties {oh my}!!! so, my girls and i are celebrating with a little scrapbook party that im so excited about. we will be spending the day and well into the evening scrapbooking photos of my life,,, from birth to, well, whenever. i get to keep the album, and all those pieces of art that my girls have made for me. im so, so, so excited about that. and because my best friend is the sweetest, cutest and pretty much shares my same train of thoughts, she thought itd be an amazing idea to offer this up to my friends and loved ones i have met here, in blogland. i feel so connected and drawn to so many of you, so she if offering to extend my birthday wish and ful-fill my album with bits and pieces that you have all created for me as well. so, you can email her for all the final details, or go to her blog here if youd likey to add to my cute little album {not to be rude or anything, but id loooooooooove it if you did,, like a lot, a lot i would, it would mean the world to me for my birthday}, you can email her at mnbarger@yahoo.com and she will give you more of the details, as well as some photos of meeeeeeeeeee!! honestly, what an amazing birthday gift. thank you nely for putting this together, and thank you to those of you thatd like to participate!!! love you long time!!!

*next,,,, our ninja in the spotlight is a doll. love her. she and i were on the dream girls design team together and she always blew me away with her talent, her resume is a mile long including designing for my little shoe box and purple cows. you gotta check her out, {if you dont already know her},,, shes amazing and oh.so.sweet. thank you again, tanisha. {hugs}
*yesterday was mine and ricardos seven year wedding anniversary,,, {oh my}. we had such a sweet and low key day, it was magical,,,
*i missed my puppies a lot, a lot when i was in hawaii,, logan was so happy when he saw me he peed!!!!! theyre so perfect, i want another bulldog,,, and a mastiff. loves.
*there is a rad promo going on over at pariscreativity.com. for every $25.00 you spend, you get free shipping on your order,,, how rad is that?? they have a totally fun travel line that i cant wait to put some of my hawaii pictures to good use!!!
*i love etsy a little bit more and more every time i log in. if you have a favorite etsy shop, do share!!!
*i have new music, arent you happy?!?!? ;-)
love you, miss you, love ally


Mama Monster said...

I recognize that banyon tree!!! Oh how I love Maui and miss it!!! My cousin lives in Lahaina and my Aunt and Uncle live in Maalaea by the Maui Aquarium. Looks like you had fun!

~The Mama Monster!

danielle said...

What an awesome trip! Looks like heaven!
And happy early birthday and don't worry about being in your 30's-it's been the best time of my life for me!

Christina said...

looks like you guys had fun!!! i already emailed Ms Nely ;D going to be ssooooooooo fun!!

Mo said...

what beautiful photos ally! so glad you had fun! i'm all about making something for one of my fave bloggy gals EVER!...Happy soon to be Birthday! And girl....ahem....being 34....ahem...holy smokes....you're at your PRIME! Let's just say, my libido is like a teenage boys'...sorry if tmi.....but wait for the hormone surge! The hubby...and YOU....will enjoy! He he! I love being in my 30's!


KateB said...

love the pics...hawaii is the trip of all trips or so I've heard...glad you are back and ya-no, sometimes we gotta unplug while on vacay...it's what we did in the good old dayz :)

Carrie said...

great pics!...looks like you had fun :) Excited to see ya next weekend!!!

<3 Carrie

Heidi said...

looks like you had a ton of fun!!! i'm so happy for you. and i gotta say, i didn't freak out when i turned 30. it was still so close to the 20s. it was my 31st bday that i had a hard time swallowing bcuz then i was officially IN my 30s, kwim. LOVE your new blog look!!!!

deb famularo said...

Aloha!!!!!!!! Welcome home missy! Your pictures are so beautiful,they made me miss Hawaii soooooo much!! Don't worry about being thirty! I'm a decade and a half older than you, and they say 40 is the new 20, so you're still a teenager my love!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

PaperCameraScissor said...

Your trip looks like you had an awesome time. what a beautiful state to visit!

Nay and Gilly said...

Looks like you all had such a great time.


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