Wednesday, July 14, 2010

oh hi. i woke up yesterday feeling sooooo inspired. it was a rad feeling. dont you just love it when that happens?? i wish i could bottle the feeling up and save it for a not so inspired day. summer has been great. spending as much time with my kids as i can. next year, after all, i lose them both to the school system. {sad face} the girl baby is off to pre-school and my little dude will be in kindergarten {oh my}!!! so sea world, pool time, days at the beach, and whatever might fall into our path. all summer long!!! but aside from that action, which i try my very hardest to share with you over here on my *mother of the year blog*,
aaanndddddddddd,,, i went into foamspring and had questions,, how much fun is that?!?!? so i updated that baby as well,,, thank you for playing along,, not to be weird,,, but i looooooooove answering questions,,, like a lot, a lot,,,
on top of that a rad prompt went up over an the pink ninjas. a little swapping action. the design team got paired up with one another, and we scrapped photos of each other. totally fun,,, i was paired up with my long lost, never met before in real life soul sister miss michelle, of twisted soda,,, love her long time. here is the awesome layout that created using my picture,,,
and she sent me this photo of her, isnt it amazing?? soooooo beautiful, sexy, classy, edgy & sorta breath taking, no?? what an honor, she had said shes never scrapped that picture before. so, i printed it twice. once on this eyelet paper on mine, {might be my all time favorite scrapbooking paper},,, and i printed it another time on regular paper. i wanted the layout to feel all that i felt the photo was, classy, beautiful, edgy,,, so, here is what i came up with,,, michelle is my soul sister,,,
and speaking of, my all time best friend is still taking on friends of mine here, in the blog world to scrap photos of me for my 30th birthday coming up!!! which by the way, all of you have been soooooo sweet about sharing kind words on turning thirty. im actually not scared of it,,, im ready for whatever. my twenties have been, lets say, interesting, to say the least. so im ready to move right along and embrace all that being thirty has to offer. thank you all, for being perfect and amazing to me. it makes me so happy to know youre all there feeling something similar to what im about to embrace,,, or at the least knowing that youre there. its perfect.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous layout!

Scrapamum said...

What a beautiful LO!

Gloria said...

Oh miss Ally...How I miss your sweet energy and creative spirit...G

Carrie said...

miss you too ally!!! love you!


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