Saturday, August 7, 2010

anddddd im out,,, again,,, off to the domincian republic with two other couples and my hubby ~ no kids,,, yikes!!!! gonna miss them a lot, a lot,,, and you too, of course,,, im updating my iphone with lots of new music to keep me happy. i have new books to read. but still,,, gonna miss those babies. and my nely. and our adorable etsy shop, and the fact the *sweet escape* and *lemonade* are selling of the shelfs like no other,,, its such a rad feeling!!!!
alright,, oh, i started tumblr,,, you know, because i always jump on the band wagon,,, :-) follow me there,,, im hoping for quick and easy updates over there,,, if youre on tumblr, lets be friends,,, not totally sure how it works, but lets,,, wanna?? :-)


Emily said...

Have an awesome trip Miss Ally!! Can't wait to see pics!! And congrats on how well the latest kit is doing! That is awesome!

Jocelyn said...

Have a great trip....ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!

Sarabeth said...

have an amazing time! we can't wait to see pics!!! i'll find ya on tumblr :)


Rockwell5 said...

You are too cute! Miss Emmy loves your picture here and says, "Allyson!"

Have fun on vacation!


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