Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a quickie recap on my most favorite birthday, like, ever!!!!
saturday, we got a limo bus and went wine tasting up in temec, my home town. it was oh, so much fun!!! and i had pink hair for the occasion,,,
here is one half of the bus,,,
then sunday, was a perfectly mellow day spent with my favorite scrapping friends!!! my bestie, nely, carrie and gloria. love these ladies a lot, a lot. nely put together the most amazing album, which i will share, but we are missing one layout. she collected layouts that all of you made for me. seriously, if you took part in this, thank you. you have no idea how much it touched me to see all the creations you did, for me. thank you. and thank you nely for putting it together. and nely hosted this perfectly peaceful day of scrapping for me, complete with snacks, brewskies and my favorite friends,,,
i had to take this picture, its what i was looking at as i was about to blow out my birthday candles,,, its what it looks like to have creative friends, always ready to snap a picture,,,
and cheers to gloria and carrie for this oh so amazing birthday cake they created for me!!! isnt it beautiful!?!? im in love, and so happy.
thank you, for making my birthday my favorite so far,,, creations and projects coming soon,,, gotta go finish up the teeny details of the september addicts kit,,,,


Leah the Orange said...

it's all just GORGEOUS! you look beautiful, your hair is awesome, you have a lovely bunch of friends, and that cake looks SCRUMMEH! looks like a great time, hunneh! glad you had fun. :)

Mo said...

yay yay! glad you had such great fun!!!!! you deserve it girl! what great girlfriends...you're so lucky ally!


Christina said...

awww!!! i'm glad you had such a great birthday!! i'm glad i could be a tiny part of it =))
P.S. I'm soo happy you loved my layout i made for you. I remember reading that you liked Bob Marley and he has some amazing quotes, I knew that one was PERFECT =D

The Mama Monster said...

Yay looks like a blast!!!! I cannot wait until my kitty boots come (i think they ship tomorrow)!!! ahhhh! =)

i have lived in temecula for like ever and never gone wine tasting! whaaaa? i know!


Rockwell5 said...

Great pictures...and...that cake is rad! I need to do that for Emmy next year!

Jocelyn said...

Looks like a Fabulous time.....and that cake is AWESOME!!!!!

Wishing you a great one sweet friend!!!

Sarabeth said...

what an awesome time you had! that cake looks delishy girlfriend!
cannot wait to ck out the new kit!


Leigh said...

you're seriously the cutest EVER! i love your dress and i'd like that cake ASAP- thaaaanks! ;)

Emily said...

OMG, I Love everything about your birthday celebration from your hair, dress all the way down to that rockin' cake!!! AHH!! Looks like you had a blast!!


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