Sunday, September 26, 2010

browsing etsy never bores me,,, and usually costs me a dime or two,,, here are my recent favs,,,
*real women drink beer* ~ ahem,,, guilty!!!
well, hello there *adorable pink ninja keychain*,,, i think i might need you one day,,,
i might be the oldest and biggest game boy fan youd ever meet,,, i la, la, love game boy!!!! so, this, is perfection, game boy meets iphone,,, rad,,,
brass knuckles in pink?? can i get a heck yeah!?!?! love,,,
i love that they self proclaim these as *dorky* unicorn shoes,,, so fun!! ive always been a fan of em and sprout and purchased many a fun goodies from them,,,
okay, work with me for one second,,, pretend im skinny bones jones, uh, yeah, id totally rock this vintage barbie bathing suit for halloween,,, or anywhere for that matter,,, isnt it amazing!?!? and the model is so hot and rocks this baby like nobodys business!!!
and my cute and teeny tiny shop has one set of the tapes left,,, maybe ill upload some photos today and sell some of my hair goodies,,, maybe,,,

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