Thursday, November 4, 2010

heeeyyyyyy!!!! how you doing?? did ya have a good halloweenie?? i did. i miss you. two rad things happened recently,
a} the new addiction was released on the first. its sweet. like, really sweet. *suits and ladders* and the add on kit *coasters and frisbees*
2} the newest prompt went up over at candy shop designs. really, i could use animal print in everything i touch, wear, create, whatevs,,, i love me some animal print,,, i actually did two layouts for this prompt, cant remember if i shared the other,,, but for now, here is the layout i created using *suits and ladders* as well as *coasters and frisbees*,,,
what good looking boys huh?? lucky meeeeeeeeeee!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

love these colors....yea the boys are good looking but the girl in the photo is gorgeous!!!

<3 Carrie


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