Monday, January 10, 2011

i love what the danity squid has come up with for a 52 week project,, 52 weeks of instax. so rad. i started yesterday, so im gonna call mine fifty*something weeks of instax. i know myself well enough to know that some days {weeks} ill be way more inspired then others,, knowing that some weeks i might take two or three pictures, others, maybe none. thats just me. im going to photograph my crushes. today, i started with jack, my adorable black pug we got a few months ago. hes rad, and yes, i have a crush on him. i love my puppies. i would also love to attempt to scrap all these instax photos and put them in their own album,, im think 6X12 would be cute!!! oh yeah, and i have a crush on YOU,,, i wish i could mail each and every one of you my instax and scrapbook 6X12 layouts with your cute mug on it,,, wouldnt that be rad?? i love reaching out to you all, hence the massive atc swaps i did,, just to get a little bit closer to you. i think its fun,,, and i think youre neat. love you {i really do}


Anonymous said...

Ooh, looks interesting. Thanks for showing me the path to that blog!

Kerri said...

what a great idea! the 6x12 idea is great and I am dabbling in that myself!
thanks for the inspiration!


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