Wednesday, March 16, 2011

my brother in law is getting married this july in the dominican republic, {so excited to go back there!!!} and when we return, he and his bride will be having a wedding reception here in cali. on the coast. so, of course i need to dresses for this very, very special occasion, right?? naturally, i turn to my beloved dress designer betsey johnson. these are what we, i mean i, came up with,,,
for starters,,, i dare you, double dog dare you to find a dress cuter then this baby, and more my style. i swear this dress has ally*cakes on the label. i so, so, SO need this dress. right?? holy smokes, i cant barely breath right now!!!
holy cuteness,,, love this baby. now i think i might know what youre thinking, this dress is too light for a wedding. like im wearing white to the wedding. they {bride and groom} actually have asked us to wear white. so of all ive listed, this one is actually the closet to their request, although none of them really meet there requests one hundred percent. but even the next dress below, i wanted that one first so i asked my future sister in law if it was okay and she love she LOVED it!!! so, pretty much, they want us light colored, i think my mother in law would prefer the all white thing {???}

i loveeeeeeee this baby,,, totally my style as well,, precious. love.
a little seersucker action anybody?? love this,, and i think rica is wearing seersucker pants,,, this might just work,,,
this dress is so pretty,, and im not against wearing black to a wedding reception, especially if there are adorable gloves attached like this. are you serious?? i wanna live in betsey johnsons head,,, i bet its such a cool land up there in her noggin.
and there you have it. i need at least two of these,,, oh yeah, and by the way, since betsey and i are on a first name basis, i get to pick two for free!!!!
,,,sike,,, wouldnt that be rad?!?! really though, that would be the only way i could talk my husband into getting any of these pricey dresses for me {sad, sad, spoiled brat face}

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The Mama Monster said...

My very favorite is the black one!!!! Especially because of the gloves!!!!


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