Friday, May 6, 2011

happy mothers day weekend!!! im beside myself with love right now. im the luckiest mama that ever lived. not even joking. why did i get so lucky?? why me?? who knows,,, but who am i to question the system. thank you, Lord for my life and my kids. does it get any better then this?? doubt it,,, hey moms,,, cheers to you,, isnt being a mama so freaking rad!?!?! i love it,,, like, a lot, a lot. today at school was the kids mothers day celebration,,, i got a song sang to me {you are my sunshine ~ complete with props and hand gestures},,, sofia might had let the cat outta the bag last night,,, {thankfully,, because i cried last night,, today, i knew it was coming,, so i was well prepared} still, precious, none the less,, i also got a necklace made by daniel. oh how i have waited for a necklace made by my children. long awaited,,, but so appreciated,,, im wearing it right now, as i type,,, and i got an adorable picture that miss thang drew of us two. itll go on the wall, right next to the dudes from last year. i love this stuff,, like, a lot, a lot,,,
and if i werent a mom,,, how could i ever adore photos like this?,?,?,?,,, seriously,, this is life. thats it. i need not.a.thing.more.
he is just like the cute boy i married,, and she is my carbon copy. does it gert any better?? doubt it. and if it werent for them,,,, my calendar wouldnt look like this,,, {boring},,,,
and i wouldnt have as many thing to scrap about,, right?!?!? really,, who else would go into the photo booths again, and again, and again,,, i love it!!!
im lucky indeed. and on daniels mothers day card,,, he said his mother is silly and 30. true, true,,,, im glad my kids get me. they laugh at me when i dance in front of the tv,, they sing along with me in the car to lady gaga or glee,,, or whatever,, they know when i need to hear the punch line in the car from the morning radio dj that ive listened to for too many years to count {that means be quiet for a sec kiddos},,, they know me. they get me. and i get them. life is perfection,,, thank you over and over and over, Lord,, for these two. im so happy. thank you and again, cheers to us mamas {slash rock stars} our kids love us,, what else matters?!?!?! and hmmm,,, why did the dude say mama is silly?!?!!? im all business round these parts yo!!!!


Christina said...

being a momma is the greatest thing in the world. unless you are one you just can't 'get it'.
happy momma's day momma!!

Christina said...

P.s. you are so hawwwtt in that last picture!! lol I would soo buy you a hamburger ;D LMAO!

deb famularo said...

ha! those last are so funny!!! Seriously, what a beautiful family you have- those photographs are precious girl! Happy Happy Happy Mother's day to you!!!!!! love you!!!!!! xxoo

Rockwell5 said...!!!

Gloria said...

Maybe this is corny but dude I am crying right now.. That my friend is by far hands down the best most inspirational post I have read in a long time... I think hands down this post was written with your heart only.. no thinking here...I love you ally , I love your heart and your free spirit...


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