Sunday, January 27, 2008

check out my little man, he is a chip off the ol' block uh?? he loves taking pictures just like his mama. this is one of his MANY self portraits!! turned out pretty good if you ask me, and im not just saying that because im his mama!!other than that, i have my second class (???) hopefully ~ ready to present for tomorrow. i am really excited about the way it turned out. i have a lot of random touches, and those are always my favorite!! another fun part?? these pictures are almost four years old, it was so fun to pull a few out and put them together!! here are a few shots...

so many really, really ~ i mean REALLY exciting things are happening to me, and all at once!!! i love it when things go smoothly ~ but im not ready to talk about it.... yet.... i dont want to change my good luck ~ it feels too good!!!! hi mom ~ love you!!!

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Ms. Doode said...

Ally--What's the name of this scrap book class pictured here? I'd like to take that one too. You really have some creative and unique things posted here, I'm impressed.


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