Tuesday, January 29, 2008

just the latest from new newest project ~ maybe a class?? maybe here?? im hoping so!?!?! i really wanted to do an acrylic album and they gave me the go ahead on coming up with a sample!! yay ~ i love acrylic albums ~ im addicted!! so here are a few shots of what might be coming up... oh yeah, and of course i looove hambly!!!
so i love to wear aprons when i scrap, you know to protect whatever it is that i happen to be wearing at the moment. i got inspired by her and her blog to get a cutie pie apron. i had actually seen a post of hers on her blog from a few months back about this apron and i tried to find it again, but i couldnt. knowing me like i do, i knew i couldnt rest till i found it!! stopping at nothing ~ i email her to see if she could help me ~ not only did she write back, but i think she did a little research herself and found me one online ~ the store her apron was from doesnt carry it anymore. anyway, such a sweet person ~ oh and by the way, she doesnt know me, she was just helping out a girly in need ~ ME!!! so here it is ~ so cute!!! i cant wait till it comes in the mail!!
if you followed my old blog ~ these pictures are a repeat ~ actually from november, but i couldnt resist. i love the girly and she and her fiance are so cute together!! and since she checks out my blog, i wanted to do a little ode to erica and her hubby to be!! plus im really proud of these photos, everything about this day and this shoot was perfect!!! helps that they are such a good lookin' couple!!

i love these photos because they havent been touched by photo shop ~ this is the true format and they are beautiful ~ if you ask me!! i hope to do another shoot with them... they are going to be a beautiful bride and groom combo!! love you girly!!


TrulyEarnest said...

Lovin your new "inspired" blog...WTG...Can't wait to take your class....

Sarah S. said...

Ally--You do photography too? I can't believe how great those pictures are of the soon-to-be-married couple? Did you take the pictures of your daughter in the bright pink outfit and the picture of the man (possibly your husband) too? I'm so impressed. Can you take pictures of my family for Christmas cards, and scrap book the Christmas card too? I'll call the scrap book store to give you my name and phone number so you can put me on your list for 2008 Christmas cards.
Thank you.

Kristen B. said...

Allyson--I would like you to take pictures of my two kids, ages 4 and 6. I would also like to talk to you about making invitations for my parents 50th wedding anniversary, do you go to events and take pictures too? I'd like to have you put me on your list for 2008 Christmas cards.
I'll call the scrap book store and give them my phone number so you can call me.
Kristen B.


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