Thursday, February 14, 2008

HELLO!! long time no type!! ha ~ i just feel like there is so much to talk about!!! where to start ~ where to start?? i actually have more pictures to put up (from this weekend ~ wine tasting), but i have to save something for another time right?? anyway ~ first things first ~ i wish i had a before picture of what these mountains normally look like, but let me tell you ~ these puppies dont ever see snow!! my hubby called me today and said that he saw that it was snowing so he drove to the area where it was so he could stand in the falling snow. of course you always think that there might be a little bit of a stretch when he says that its snowing out here, but nope ~ no lying here, see for yourself!! i was amazed when i came into town and i saw these beautiful mountains like i have never seen them before. amazing!! its kind of funny, you can see the line of where the snow didnt make it far enough down. that is how the whole mountain has always been, as long as i have known it!!!
moving right along, to a little ol' event you might have heard about ~ CHA?? ring any bells!?!? ahhh... once again, let me tell you how blessed i am to be a part of the VIPS that the ladies at its about time took along for the ride. seriously, i love those girls!!! lauren and i rode down together, and well, this is how it started.....

i finally had the courage to venture over to the hambly and love, elsie neck of the woods. really, that was my main priority ~ to see those two booths. anyway, elsie was out to lunch, which worked out good for me. we were able to hang in her kitchen and take a ton of pictures with out her there noticing what a freak i really am!!! okay, so if i told you i had a bad time ~ would you believe me??? check out my goofy grin in every picture!! i look sooo happy ~ mainly because I WAS!!! ahhh.... i love the scrapbook world i live in!!

we left and came back later and ta~dah!! there she was, waiting to meet me, like i was waiting to meet her!!! ;). she was super sweet and had such cute hair!!

okay, so we all know ally loves her some hambly like nobodys business!!! look ~ look here i am with allison herself!!! this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!!! i just crack up at my face ~ so excited!!! seriously though, allison was so sweet. she even gave me some "exclusive" goodies that arent out yet!!! how lucky am i?? i already started to put together a mini acrylic album that i plan on sending photos to her!!

the goods!!! ahh.... i want more already!!!
alright, so i wasnt at CHA too ~ too long, but here is what i know.... i still love elsie and i still love hambly ~ hambly will always be my staple. i loved sassafras lass, i loved this line by daisy ds, i love, love the maya road booth, and heidi swapp had a ton of goodies. the one booth that i didnt even remember to forget to look for was bam pop. turns out they were there, but i missed them. i had to go ahead and place a online order for their goodies cause i wanna play!!!
oh yeah, and today is valentines day!!! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! rica brought me these flowers home. im so blessed to have him!!!
here is little missy signing daddys valentines day card.
and she loooves the puppy ~ as you can tell!!!
oh yeah, and by the way ~ she has a name ~ finally!!! we went with violet. cute uh?? i likey her name, took long enough uh??
okay, i think im good for now!! have a good weekend peps!!

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